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The Fury


In the world of kit cars, the Fury stands out as a car offering superb handling from a well proven design, attractive and distinctive styling and great value for money.


Equipped with simple, cheap and easily available Ford donor components, the Fury's excellent chassis and suspension options result in a true sports car that demonstrates formidable handling on the road or track.


The Fury's pedigree has been demonstrated on many occasions with race and championship wins in sprint, hillclimb and track races as well as endurance rallies. The Fury's successes have earned it an enviable reputation.


The Fury is not a difficult car to build. A typical build may take around 250 hours, excluding the reconditioning of donor parts. The simpler Fury Spyder design takes even less time, typically 150 hours.


The basis of the design is a very light but rigid steel tube chassis. All tube ends are sealed and to give greater strength in the central section, additional sheet metal is welded to form the footwells. All suspension mounting points are pre-drilled and the chassis structure includes brackets for mounting the fuel tank, steering column, radiator, handbrake and harnesses.


Aluminium panels are provided in the kit to be drilled and rivetted to form the sides, rear and floor of the driver and passenger compartments. A roll over bar formed from cold drawn seamless tube with bracing struts is included and a diagonal section can be added for additional strength if required.


The strong yet light body is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic and can be supplied

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