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body styles


Classic Bonnet

This is based on the original Fury bonnet with the addition of a central bulge. This features 7 inch headlights which are further forward and lower the the Le-Mans bonnet. The wheel arch profile is also lower. 

LE-MANS bonnet 

This takes the 5¾ inch headlights which are higher and further back, as is the wheel arch profile. it has a flatter, wider bulge. either bonnet can be fitted to the spyder tub. 

spyder tub 

this has no doors and comes in two options, with or without a windscreen frame. 

at current we are unable to supply the classic tub which has doors. 


tubular space frame made primarily from 1 inch tubing. 1.6mm wall thickness, jig built and can be either powder coated or painted in required colour. 

All other components can be found on our price list

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