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the fury was designed by jeremy phillips.

Fisher Sportscars began buying kits from Sylva Autokits to build and sell. They did this for two years. 


Fisher Sportscars purchased the rights to the Fury and began manufacturing them under the Fisher Sportscars name. As well as this they also manufactured White Rose Chassis' for Locust and Huskey 


Steve Hughes joined Fisher Sportscars. 

6 cars were built complete with 1600 ford crossflow engines and shipped to Japan 


The Fury Chassis was T.U.V tested to be sold in Germany. It was put onto a hydropulse machine where it was shook for an equivalent of 100,000 miles to see what fractured. The only thing requierd were some front gussets on the chassis corners. The Fury could now be sold in Germany, with the help of a new German agent. 

1 Fury and 2 Strikers were produced per month and shipped to Belgium to be sold. 


The first Spyder body was made in house with no doors or windscreen. 

in the January issue of his Motorworld, Jeremy Clarkson simply said "it's brilliant", when referring to the Fury R1 model.


Andy charsley raced in the 750 Motorclub Kitcar championship. the 1600 Ford Crossflow engined fury owned by eddie yates came first place against a V8 Dax Rush


A Fury was supplied for driver training to Welsh race circuit Landow. 

VOSA contacted Fisher Sportscars to be part of the pilot scheme for the newly implemented S.V.A. 

The Fury was taken to Mitcham test station where the only necessary change were the seat belt mounts.


in the October issue of kit car magazine featured the fury fireblade with the

following write up

 "Off the mark traction and acceleration is stunningly impressive, especially as Fisher has engineered real feel into the clutch so you can really feel it bite and pile on the revs."


"...we reckon all of them represent terrific value for money. For a car that handles like a Lotus Seven inspired replica yet comes with all the practicality and good looks of the Fury, it's little wonder this car has proved so popular over the years..."

Which Kit? April spotlight on three very different Fury's


"In the eleven years of its existence, the company has sold over 500 kits, a total that has recently been accelerated by the demand for track-day cars."

"Basically, the Fisher Fury is damn good and in the future it will be a little bit better."


Which Kit? May issue outlining the history of Fisher Sportscars

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